Temporary Fencing - A Movable Security Barrier

Temporary fencing, as the name suggests, is a kind of movable fence for temporary applications, so it can also be named of portable fencing and removable fencing. The temporary fence can not only be used for a temporary application, it can also be applied to permanent applications.

Temporary Fencing - Movable & Durable
What can we provide for you?
  • Welded and chain link temporary fencing. We can provide temporary fence panel with infilled welded mesh and infilled chain link mesh, they have their own advantages, you can choose the suitable one for your applications.
  • Crowd control barrier. Our crowd control barriers can be installed with flat feet, crossed feet and removable bridge feet.
  • Temporary hoarding. Temporary hoarding is a kind of opaque steel barrier. The surface of the hoarding can be coated with different colors, such as blue, white, red and other colors.
  • Event fencing. Event fencing is made of PVC materials. We can provide traditional type event fencing, display type event fencing, picket type event fencing and lattice type event fencing.
  • Stage barrier. Stage barrier is a kind of crowd control barricade that made of aluminum.
  • Police barrier. Police barrier can be used by security personnel or riot police to keep order in public places and some large events.
  • Corral panels. Corral panels, also called cattle panels, is a kind of heavy duty portable fence for cattle, horse, sheep and other livestock.
crowd control barrier, chain link temporary fence and corral panels on the grasslands.
What advantages do our products have?
  1. Good strength and high stability. Our temporary fencing is made of high quality low carbon steel.
  2. Long service time. The surface of the temporary fencing will be treated with standard galvanized or PVC coated, so temporary fencing has good corrosion resistance, aging resistance and weather resistance.
  3. Easy to install and dismantle. Temporary fencing can be installed without digging holes and two people are enough to install them.
  4. Environmentally friendly. The temporary fencing is perfect for all places without drilling or digging holes.
  5. Low cost and maintenance free. We will provide temporary fencing in a competitive price and high quality.
  6. Personalized. Temporary fencing can be made into different sizes, types and colors to satisfy your special needs.
temporary hording, welded temporary fence and temporary pool fence are working.
What roles will temporary fencing play?
  • In construction sites, temporary fencing, temporary fence gate and temporary hoardings can be used as a security barricade to prevent people from entering.
  • For public and private swimming pool, temporary pool fencing and temporary pool fence gate can be installed around them to prevent children or pets from drowning.
  • For some large events, like sports events, outdoor concerts, political rallies and festivals, the crowd control barrier, stage barrier, event fence and police barrier can be widely used to keep order and control the crowd people.
  • In the farm, corral panels can create a spacious and safe space for cattle, horse, sheep and other livestock.
  • Temporary fence gate can provide a convenient access for vehicle and pedestrian to your temporary sites.
Crowd control barrier, temporary pool fence, welded temporary fence panels, temporary hoarding and corral panel.
Hot Products

Temporary fence gate with or without wheels can provide an entrance to temporary sites, like construction sites, public events and swimming pool.

Temporary fencing panel with good strength and good adaptability can be used as a safety barrier and isolation in building sites and factory.

Chain link temporary fencing with strong frame and sleek appearance can be used as safety barriers for construction sites, residential areas, etc.

Welded temporary fencing with round or square top can be used as safety barrier in construction sites, commercial and residential areas.

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